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There is No Moral Equivalence between ”alarmism” over #antisemitism & denial of it #jcot #tcot #xcot

The Real Jewish Fight on Campus « Commentary Magazine
By Matthew Ackerman


RRD:Matthew Ackerman posted two links one to a piece by Mr.Kogen and another to Mr.Marcus article.
My criticism is primarily directed towards Marcus but I believe Ackerman has a overly sympathetic view of Marcus’ piece.
I posted this comment to Commentary:

“I cannot speak to Mr.Kogen’s piece,which may be a accurate reflection of his own experiences.(Though it also may run counter to the experiences of others.)But what type of moral equivalency permits Marcus to write the following:

…”To listen to the alarmists, one would think that anti-Semitism is everywhere in post-secondary education”…

…”To listen to the quietists, one would think that anti-Semitism is nowhere to be found in American higher education”…

First Who are these “alarmists” he speaks of?
Who are the people who claim “that anti-Semitism is everywhere in post -secondary education.

Do they exist?If so do they have names?

And if they do,what of it?

Is a person who has been the repeated victim of anti-semitism and who overstates the danger,somehow on the same moral plane as someone who pompously “explains” to the victim of a hate crime that “anti-semitism is nowhere to be found in American higher education. ”

There is no moral comparison between the two.

Is he implying that there is?

If he isn’t why does he not condemn the ”quietests” ,and then add that some of those who are concerned about anti-semitism mistakenly see it everywhere.

We do NOT have a problem with too little concern about anti-semitism.”



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