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Butchers of Tiananmen Square ”concerned” about our rights being violated by 2ndamendment #tcot #tlot #teaparty

RRD:Forgive the profanity;but you can’t make this shit up.

PJ Media » Is Gun Control a Human Right?


…”Take China, for instance. There, where the natural right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is vanished by a one-child policy that forces women to abort every child after their first one, accusations are now being levied that the U.S. violates the human rights of its citizens by allowing private gun ownership. That’s right — China contends that private gun ownership is a violation of human rights.”

Why ? Because honoring the 2nd Amendment has resulted in “rampant gun ownership.” (It’s a circular argument, I know, but coming from Chinese officials, who are used to being the only ones with guns, and therefore accustomed to telling their own people when to jump and how high, it probably makes sense.)…

RRD:So the mass murdering gang that rules the Peoples Republic of China is “concerned” about the fact that our citizens would at least have the ability to shoot back should the government attempt to impose a dictatorship–and I use the term dictatorship literally in this case,as in the execution of political dissidents etc.

This is the regime that gave us the “excesses” of the “Cultural Revolution(which of course does not deter some liberals from wearing pictures of the mass murderer Mao)

This regime committed atrocities against the Tibetans,slaughtered their own citizens in Tiananmen,performs forcible abortions,& uses political dissidents as slaves,and we are to stand by while these psychopaths spit in our face,and on the graves of their victims?!

As to the columnist’s Hawkins use of Charlton Heston’s phrase
”From my cold, dead hands.”,I disagree.

If anything should be taken from anyone’s dead hands it should be the reins of power,taken by the people of China, from the “dead hands” of their oppressors.

Tiananmen Square Massacre – YouTube




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