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He’s right/‘Joe the Plumber’ says gun control permitted Holocaust”

Jewish Dems slam candidate ‘Joe the Plumber’ for Holocaust remarks | JTA – Jewish & Israel News


RRD:Or at least partially right.I wish to be very clear about what I am,and what I am not saying.

Gun Control does make it easier for dictatorships to carry out their atrocities.

No,there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t suceed without gun control,but their victims would at least have the chance to fight back.

Saying that does not mean that “those who support gun control want a Holocaust” a claim which is absurd.
Nor does it mean that they don’t care about whether a Holocaust were to come about.

But the 20th Century has given us Hitler,Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot and countless other dictatorships.The Jewish fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising were not plagued with a surfeit of weapons.Neither were the victims of Tiananmen Square.(Whose murderers called for America to protect the “human rights of its citizens” by “protecting them” from firearm ownership as the dead and enslaved Chinese are.)
People from Iran,to Syria,to Libya are at the mercy of each of these dictatorships.
The UN ”Safe Haven” of Srebrenica,wasn’t.The innocent were handed over to be slaughtered.

Many liberals who advocate for civil liberties point out(often rightly) that this law or that provision could have long term consequences, possibly even leading
to a dictatorship.
Yet when one suggests that gun control made the work of these dictatorships easier,many of these same people turn around and say that it is slanderous to suggest that the U.S. could ever become a dictatorship.

Have they heard of Rosewood?The interment of Japanese Americans?

Rosewood History


BBC News – Timeline: Siege of Srebrenica


Rosewood History




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