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Dead Girl’s chemotherapy was delayed due to Doctor’s fear of prosecution under abortion law in Dominican Republic

RRD: A 16 yr old girl is dead from leukemia.Her chemotherapy, which may or may not have saved her life, was delayed due to her Doctors’ fears that they would be criminally prosecuted under the Dominican Republic’s anti-abortion law A Co-sponsor of the bill has argued that the bill applies only to abortion & not … Continue reading

Egypt’s New President Moves Against Democracy – The Washington Institute for Near East Policy #tcot

http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysis/view/egypts-new-president-moves-against-democracy ….”The incident gave Mr. Morsi an excuse to sack the security officials who posed the greatest threat to his domestic authority — particularly the leaders of Egypt’s now-defunct military junta, which in June had issued its own constitutional declaration limiting the newly elected president’s powers. More important, Mr. Morsi used the Sinai crisis to … Continue reading