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Iranian Christian Reza Jebbari to be deported faces possible death for apostasy


Sweden to Deport Iranian Christian?


” Iranian Christian Reza Jebbari faces imminent deportation
from Sweden, despite the possibility that his return to Iran
could lead to his imprisonment or death.
Jebbari is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity
during a visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2010. He applied for
assylum [sic] when he arrived in Sweden two years ago, but the
Swedish Immigration Service and the Migration Court
rejected the request.
The assylum denial came despite evidence that Jebbari
actively participates in church activities, including street
evangelism on a regular basis. He’s appeared in church
plays and sings in the choir at Tensta Church.
Apparently the court questioned the sincerity of Jebbari’s
conversion and said he failed to convince them that his life
would be in danger if he were sent back to Iran. This,
despite assurances from Jebbari’s pastor that, “He has a
deep Christian identity, as much as I have.”

RRD: We have just had a very public,high profile case of a Christian–Pastor Nadarkhani–who narrowly avoided death & now we are told that this man would not be in danger if returned??!



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