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Academic proposes ”Coercive Paternalism” #tcot #tlot #teaparty

ROBERT JAMES BIDINOTTO: A Manifesto for “Coercive Paternalism”

…..” Well, comes now a $95 tome titled–are you ready?– Against Autonomy: Justifying Coercive Paternalism.


…” The book’s product description on Amazon notes that, in America,
to respect autonomy is often understood to be the chief way to bear witness to the intrinsic value of persons. In this book, Sarah Conly rejects the idea of autonomy
as inviolable…. Thus in many cases it
would advance our [“our”? ] goals more effectively if government were to prevent us [“us”? ] from acting in accordance with our [“our”? ] decisions. Her argument challenges widely held views of moral
agency, democratic values and the public/private distinction.
Quoth the author from her own faculty page
listing: I argue that autonomy, or the freedom to act in accordance with your [“your”? ] own
decisions, is overrated—that the common high evaluation of the importance of autonomy is based on a belief that we [including her? ] are much more rational than we actually are. We now have lots of
evidence from psychology and behavioral economics that we [her too? ] are often very bad at choosing effective means to our ends. In such cases, we [her too? ] need the
help of others—and in particular, of
government regulation—to keep us [ditto ] from going wrong. ”…..



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