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Nightline “Orwellian” to recognize fact that gun registration preceded confiscation in Britain,Canada & Australia

Terry Moran Lashes Out at ‘Paranoid,’ ‘Orwellian’ Fears of Gun Owners | Media Research Center


…..”TERRY MORAN: Stop scaring people? You’re scaring people with this Orwellian sense that black helicopters and the government if we register guns are going to confiscate Americans’ guns. That kind of paranoia fuels–

ROVE: With all due respect, it is not paranoia.

MORAN: Who’s going to confiscate all the guns in

ROVE: People have a fear of this. Why do it? Why do
you need it?

MORAN: Lots of things are registered in the
United States of America because they’re
dangerous. Because we want to–

ROVE: Do we register books? Do we register other
things that are constitutional?

MORAN: No we don’t. The result of this is the only
votes, really, that have been taken since Newtown
have weakened gun control in America.”…..

registration leads to confiscation | walls of the city


NRA-ILA | Canada: Where Gun Registration Equals Confiscation


RRD: How many times must we see the following pattern before we are permitted to recognize it?

* Government officials say: “We don’t intend to confiscate anyone’s guns. We just want to know where they are so we can keep them out of the hands of criminals.”

* Gun Rights activists: “You’re lying,gun regisration has preceded & enabled confiscation over and over again.”

* Government official (Laughs) “Would you listen to this paranoid drivel,the idea that we are going to round up people & put them into death camps just because they own guns is absurd….”

* Gun Rights activist “I haven’t said you’ll round people up into death camps I said you’ll confiscate ….”

* Government official : “There are people seeking to spread lies about this wonderful common sense bill which aims to keep guns out of the hands of criminals & to prevent tragedies like ______ ,they are trying to claim that this bill is going to take away your guns ,this is a LIE. Read the bill,we even say explicitly in the bill in provision X that this regisration will never, ever ,ever ,ever under any circumstances ,now or in the future be used to confiscate your guns,you have my word. If I went back on this my career would be over ,I would be exposed as a liar. We have millions of law abiding gun owners in this country,does anyone (snickers) believe that we are going to round them all up?

*The Bill is passed.

* School shooting b takes place.

* Provision X is hereby repealed . A swat team comes to your door to seize model x of your guns,comply or face ten years in jail. Government official We know you have that gun because it is listed on this regisration card.

* Gun Rights activists “You lied!”

* Government official: “I never said that we would not confiscate anyone’s guns”. And even if I did say what I never said, everything changed after the massacre. What are you some kind of dogmatist?

RRD: The fact that some individuals,including some on the right,have not bothered to investigate the history of gun confiscation really does not mean that those of us who have been following this issue for years are obligated to indulge their ignorance. Nor are we obligated to invent rationalistic dream worlds where unicorns prance among the tulips or where government officials are honest instead of dishonest or are rights respecting instead of being power hungry criminals. And I do not believe that Moran is honest.

….” The result of this is the only votes, really, that have been taken since Newtown have weakened gun control in America”….

RRD: Assuming that this is true,is it bad? Is gun control good? Why does Moran think that we should support “gun control”? What is “gun control”? Is it a law against supplying a gun to a convicted felon? Or to a innocent person? The two are not interchangeable.



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